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The exponential growth of 21st century electronics, the booming global populations and the structural antiquity of old cities have strained the urban living environment with heavy power draws each day that utility companies struggle to keep up with.  This often results in black-outs and high consumer energy rates.  Further, damage to the grid is experienced when violent weather occurrences affect electric utility infrastructure which takes time and money to rebuild.​

For the last century, the centralized model of power distribution networks has been effective in sending power where it needs to go on-demand.  This was designed as the "single-sender, multiple receiver" model in which most of modern society is a part of today.  This is where each end-user in the network draws their power from the single-sender power plant, with the flip of a switch or the click of a remote.  Unfortunately, this model is outdated in more ways than one. There are simply too many people flipping too many switches, much too often, over too long of distances! 


Have you ever been pulled in too many directions at once?  That's how the grid feels. 


The solution?  Distributed Energy Resource Networks (DERN)


DERN is a new method of power distribution throughout your community where each end-user is a receiver AND a sender of electricity.  This is made possible by having your own battery bank or turning your entire building into a battery bank!  With the ability to store your own power reserves, you can draw the energy when demand is low and cheap and use it when power demand is high and expensive.  You can make this more effective when you add a renewable energy generation option on your site as well; allowing you to generate, store, and distribute your own power back to the grid as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). By giving back energy to the grid, others can use it while you turn a profit.  You can be the infrastructure in developing the resiliancy measures for your community and reducing the urban carbon footprint. 






Out with the old.


In with the new.




At VOLTA, we are more than just a battery storage company.  We build custom, intelligent energy storage systems for homes, businesses and entire buildings that provide financial and energy resilience for the urban landscape.


Our storage systems are compact and readily expandable to give you the most power in the smallest amount of space. 


Compared to gas powered generators, our units are easily installed, silent with no noise pollution and do not produce any fossil fuel emissions - perfect for "greenifying" your community in style. 


Our energy storage systems are designed as "battery agnostic", which means we help you choose the best fit battery chemistry for your storage application. 


So, even though battery technology is always changing, we will always be able to provide the highest quality product at the most affordable price for your personal energy storage needs.  VOLTA provides this turn-key solution with frequent monitoring and servicing to make your experience as easy as possible while having the comfort of knowing that we're always looking out for you. 


With the way energy generation is changing, it's important for us to help develop our communities into the era of Clean Technologies.  Energy storage is a key factor in facilitating the growth of solar, wind, hydroelectric and other renewable energy industries locally.  With your help, we can promote the integration of these environmentally sound, SMART technologies in your community by turning your building into a interconnected, sustainable, battery bank. 


VOLTA’s approach to energy storage is somewhat different than the usual microgrid model but very simple, whereby VOLTA incorporates many small systems into a

networked structure, a "nanogrid", that equates to the same capacityof much

larger, centralized battery systems that are commonly seen.


By creating a unique, decentralized model of power storage, end-users can become more involved with their own Behind-The-Meter energy management without infringing upon the energy usage of other tenants. 


Additionally, this Virtual Power Plant platform creates other opportunities for 

added services to the end user such as addingsolar, participating in transactional

energy, and utilizing Demand Response (DR) programs. 



Provide tenant Confidence.

Add to your Property Value. 

Sustain your Resources.


At VOLTA, we consult, design and install advanced battery back-up systems for homes, apartments and businesses. More recently, battery storage is quickly becoming the clean energy solution for emergency back-up power, demand response programs and risk management.

Building Owners and Property Managers are in the business of

managing and maintaining properties of distinction and as it is a very service centric industry, being able to offer unique, quality services can be a big ‘win’ for such companies, especially in an industry that can be highly competitive.


With new local laws (i.e. LL701-A & 721-A), that strengthen sustainability and Demand Response (DR) changes to reduce energy usage, being introduced consistently every year in conjunction with NYS Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative, it is becoming more important to building owners and managers to be able to find ways that can meet these ‘green building’ requirements and challenges at a reasonable cost and find financial benefit beyond energy efficiencies, at the same time. 


Currently, there are many attractive energy incentives being offered by almost every state and its utilities, especially in New York.  We believe that if you have need of such an amenity and give us an opportunity to show you the many benefits of battery storage systems within your properties and how you can realize a quick return on investment - you won’t be disappointed!


Additionally, we work with reputable financial institutions that can offer you some of the best funding options available if needed, specific to fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green building.


Give us a call and find out how battery storage can be a huge value add to your properties!


Research studies have shown that green buildings secure significantly higher rents for building owners! However, the increase in rent for the tenant is amortized by the many value-adds and the long-term cost savings from efficient use of utility resources. Initial expenditure, therefore, continues to pay the owner and tenant back over time - just like a good investment. 


By adding battery storage systems to your property you will reduce energy costs, increase operating efficiencies, and provide tenant power security now and long into the future. 



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